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Define endogamy, exogamy and hypergamy.

Define endogamy, exogamy and hypergamy.

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Endogamy: Certain restrictions are imposed that the other partner is to be selected from the caste or class to which the first partner belongs. Marriage within a specific group is termed as endogamy. Hence, marriage with an out-group member is prohibited.

Exogamy: All people prohibit marriage between individuals sharing certain degrees of blood or official relationships. This is known as exogamy i.e. marriage outside the group. A man must not only seek a wife out of his own clan, but also must avoid the clans of all the grandparents. Then there are certain relations which are not to b e married, but the degree of nearness differs from community to community. The forms of exogamy are gotra exogamy, village exogamy, sapinda exogamy.

Hypergamy: This means the marriage of a girl into a higher caste or class than her own. It is highly practiced in India and occurs between different sub-castes.