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Define methodology and indicate its purposes in research.

Define methodology and indicate its purposes in research.

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Methodology refers to the method by which the study is conducted. Methodology covers the research objectives, the hypothesis, the sample taken, the research design, the tools used for collecting data and the statistical methods used for the analysis of the collected data. It also comprises the scale the researcher used and how the researcher measured the variable. It also shows the validity and reliability quotients of the scale. It also includes how the mean scores on tension were estimated and the two groups were compared and the results of the study. It also allows experienced researchers to replicate the research if they want to carry out such a study.


The purpose of the methodology is to collect the data and analyze them effectively to fulfill the objectives of the study. Methodology apprises the reader how the entire study was carried out. For instance if a researcher wanted to find out whether the newspaper reading habit of people in a city, the methodology would include the types of sample selected, the number of sample, the area selected for the study, the way to collect data, the types of questions to be asked to the participants and the period during which the participants will be met and the method of analyzing the data.

November 6, 2018