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Define Motivation. Explain its importance to a Modern Enterprise.

Define Motivation. Explain its importance to a Modern Enterprise.

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Motivation: Motivation may be defined as stimulant which makes one to work more vigorously to active a particular motive. Michel J, Jucius defined motivation as “Motivation is the act of stimulating some one or one self to get a desired course of action to push the right button to get desired goal.” Motivation leads to achieving a motive based on certain desires and aspirations.

Importance of Motivation to a Modern Enterprise.

Enterprise is built by management and motivation is the core of management. For a modern enterprise motivation is a life line to its overall success as EFL Breach wrote. “The problem of motivation is key to management actions and in its executive form: it is among the chief task of the general manager. We may safely lay it down that the tone of an organization is a reflection of motivation from the top.” Modern enterprises has multi-city of objectives and these objectives are very difficult to achieve in the present era of global competition and high international standards. The level of motivation the modern enterprises is to be high degree as mere living standards expectations do not act as motivating factor anymore.

New-work culture, newer techno-logic global access and ever changing environment poses new challenge for the modern enterprises to find newer ways of motivating its people who already are working at peak level of their work capitalizes modern enterprise needs a more modern techniques of motivation.

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October 7, 2019