Define results. What does it give? Describe its importance.

Results are the findings in a study. It provides the information for the study. However, we do not get to Provide interpretation here. In results, we use graphs and figures to highlight the most important or interesting information. We also arrange the results from most to least relevant or strong. The Results section may also be divided according to subheadings, especially if there were very strong trends or if there were multiple phases of the project.

The section itself uses the sub-heading “Results”. It includes results that answer the research question (most important), data we can use to outline important trends, results that we intend to address in the discussion section, results of statistical analyses, often in conjunction with measurements analyzed, results related to those obtained by other researchers, especially if they conflict or are controversial and negative results as well. Results are an important part of the study. Without results, we may not reach the conclusion of the study.

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