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Describe the process of Sanskritization and Westernization.

Describe the process of Sanskritization and Westernization.

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Social mobility is expressed through the process of Sanskritization and Westernization. According to M.N Srinivas caste as a system of social stratification is not absolutely closed. Movement has always been possible. Sanskritization, M.N Srinivas asserts, is a process by which a low Hindu caste or tribal or other group, changes its customs, ritual, ideology and way of life in the direction of a high and frequently twice born caste. Generally such changes are followed by a claim to a higher position in the caste hierarchy than that traditionally conceded to the claimant caste by the local community.

Along with Sanskritization the process of Westernization has also made social mobility possible. Westernization is a process of change in ideology, values, institutions and technology of a non-Western society as a result of cultural contact with the Western society for a long period. It includes the influences which swept over India during the British rule. The important feature of Westernization is emphasis on technology and rationalism.


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January 8, 2019