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Describe the Socio-cultural impact of Tourism on host country.

Describe the Socio-cultural impact of Tourism on host country.


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On the one hand tourism contributes to international understanding and harmony and on the other it has severely effected the indigenous customs and traditions of the local people. Sometimes tourists may carry certain diseases may spread them in the native countries. And sometimes tourists encounter results in promoting stereotypes both of hosts and tourists and even an outright animosity and aggression. The stereotyped image of tourists wearing T-shirt and jeans, slinging a walk-man and a camera.

The resulting impulses within the host community for emulations generates a certain tension and restlessness and increases their propensity to consume. This is known as the demonstration effect of tourism. And this demonstration effect contributes to deepening the real as well as perceived gulf between the tourist and the host. It may create conditions where residents may try to copy tourist behaviour and spending patterns at the same time resenting their inability to do so and lacking comparable purchasing power. At many destinations social tensions emerge in the form of increase in begging, prostitution, cheating, mugging of tourists and drug peddling. Sometimes pre-conceived images are linked with tourists though they may be far from reality. For example all tourists take drugs, indulge in gambling, prostitution etc.

It is generally argued that the socio-cultural effects of tourism cannot easily be distinguished from those of modernization in general. However tourism with its more direct intervention in societies (the presence of hotels, tourist infrastructure souvenir shops etc.) has its own share in this regard. Thus apart from changes in the physical reality such as music, dance, literature etc. the most consequential effect that tourism has on native population is perceptual. What is altered immutably is a whole identity of how people view themselves and who they are and in understanding of relationships of people with people, nature and places.

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September 29, 2018