Discuss the Allport Six Maturity Attributes.

Allport stated that a person reaching maturity is a continuous and lifelong process of becoming. A mature person’s behaviour is motivated by conscious processes and thus functionally autonomous. Unconscious motives stemming from childhood experiences dominate the behaviour of immature persons. According to Allport  psychologically mature adult has the following six attributes:

  1. A widely extended sense of self.
  2. A capacity for warm social interactions.
  3. Shows emotional security and self-acceptance.
  4. Shows, realistic perception, skills and assignments.
  5. Shows self insight and humor.
  6. A unifying philosophy of life.

These attributes have been discussed in details below:

A widely extended sense of self: A mature person possesses a widely extended sense of self. He actively takes part in family, work hobbies, political and religious issues and social relationships.

A capacity for warm social interactions: A mature person has ability for warm social interactions. Intimacy and compassion are two types of interpersonal warmth. Intimacy is seen in a person’s deep love for family and close friends. Compassion is seen in a person’s ability to bear differences between the self and others. It helps the person to show respect and appreciation for the human condition and develop a sense of kinship with others.

Shows emotional security and self-acceptance: A mature person shows emotional security and self-acceptance. A mature person possesses a positive image of himself. He is able to bear irritating events and their drawbacks without getting inwardly hostile. He is also able to deal with his emotions such as anger, guilt and depression and do not interfere with the well-being of others.

Shows, realistic perception, skills and assignments: A mature person shows realistic perception, skills and assignments. A mature person discerns things as they are and not as he wishes them to be. They are realistic. They do not distort reality as per their needs. Mature people have appropriate skills for their work. They set aside personal desires and impulses while doing their tasks.

Shows self insight and humor: A mature person shows self-insight and humor. A mature person knows his strengths and weaknesses. He uses humor as an important aspect in self insight since it prevents unnecessary self glorification.

A unifying philosophy of life: A mature person possesses a unifying philosophy of life. He looks at things with a clear, consistent, and systematic way. Such a person will have a dominant goal which makes his life mdaningful. A set of deeply held values serves as a unifying foundation of his life. A unifying philosophy of life provides a kind of overriding value orientation that gives meaning and significance to everything he does.

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