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Discuss the Emergence of Professionalism in Public Relations in India.

Discuss the Emergence of Professionalism in Public Relations in India.


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A series of events immediately after independence laid the ground for the emergence of Public Relations as a full-fledged profession in India. Industrial development led to emergence of large professionally managed enterprises which began to feel the need for public relations. In many private sector undertakings, in multi-national companies and in the public sector undertakings the public relations departments were set up.

Since there was no professional standard of performance in the public relations, the practitioners started realizing to form an organization to bring under its umbrella all the professionals from the field. This led to the formation of the Public Relations Society of India in 1958. The First All India Public Relations Conference was held in New Delhi in April 1968. At conference, the participants took note that while Public Relations had been growing as a profession, it was adversely affected by the operations of some lobbyists and fixers, who were using rather dubious methods to achieve their goals.


The First All India Public Relations Conference also adopted a code of ethics and defined the parameters of the PR profession. Since then, the public relations has come to be recognized as a profession which is useful and crucial for modem society. Interaction with foreign PR professionals also helped the development of the PR profession in India, These interactions started in the 1960s and resulted in a meeting of the Council of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), held in Bombay, in 1974. The Fourth All India PR Conference and the IPRA Council meeting was based on theme, “Towards a more responsible citizenship”. Besides, Prof. Scott Cutlip conducted a course on PR at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, in 1969. Many leading PR professionals participated in the meeting.

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January 8, 2019