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Discuss the relation of Christianity to Hindu in Kerala.

Discuss the relation of Christianity to Hindu in Kerala.

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To understand the relation of Christianity to Hindu in Kerala, we need to looked at several aspects. For instance

The Malayalam Era follows the Christian Era by 825 years. The months have names which are different from the Western calendar months. Each month has a certain attribute or character. Time is calculated according to narhika where the day is divided into 60 narhikas and each narhika is 60 vinarhikas. Days have been categorized as auspicious and inauspicious. e.g. Wednesdays are considered dangerous while Fridays and Tuesdays are auspicious for both Hindu as well as Christian. The Christian house is similar to a Hindu house as the Hindu asari (craftsman) who builds for the Christians essentially follows the Hindu style.

Syrian Christians of Kerala hold the belief that their ancestors were Brahmins who were converted to Christianity by St.Thomas. Certain elements of Hindu caste are found among them. Social distance is maintained between the high and the low caste. They celebrate Onam and Vishu, the harvest and new year festivals respectively, like the Hindus. The concept of pollution exists among them and they observe a period of a bath pollution which is removed by ritual bathing.


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October 21, 2018