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Discuss the Religious Role in Indian Politics.

Discuss the Religious Role in Indian Politics.


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Religion plays important part in Indian politics. Roman Catholic Christians fully support Congress due to Sonia Gandhi, Shiks support Akali Dal on religious basis. Nagas help Christian parties. In Kashmir terrorism is prevailing on religious basis and votes are given on religious basis and riots occur on religious basis. Jammu and Kashmir was again a scene of trouble in 1967 when a Brahmin girl was converted to Islam and married to a Muslim, as well as over the sacrilege of holy Koran etc.

During the year 1968, communal frenzy again disturbed the peace in the state of U.P., Assam and West Bengal. In U.P. the trouble started in Meerut and Allahabad, while in Assam the trouble erupted at Karimganj following the killing of a cow. The states of Kerala and Karnataka (Mysore) which had witnessed an amity between the two communities, so far were also involved in riots. But the worst riots broke out in Ahmedabad in 1969 which are said to have taken a toll of 600 to 1200 people. This time the trouble started because certain Muslims chased away certain cows belonging to Hindu temple. Anti Sikh riots of 1984 and Gujarat riots of 2003 were caused on religious basis.

In 1970, riots broke out at Bhiwandi near Bombay, in which thousands of houses were destroyed and about 80 persons were killed. The trouble started due to the stoning as a Hindu procession by certain Muslims. With the rapid increase of Muslim population riots are bound to increase. In 1973, riots took place at Meerut which took a toll of over fourty lives. But probably the worst riots since independence took place in the capital of India when a quarrel between Hindu and a Muslim developed into a mob fight in the streets and resulted in the burning of about 100 shops and religious riots which took place in 1992-1993 due to Babri Masjid dispute in U.P., M.P., Maharashtra and at other places.

In Gujarat at Godhra Hindus were burnt, so there were riots in which about 300 Hindus and about 800 Muslim were killed and many thousand wounded. In 2005-06 riots took place at Mau and Aligarh in U.P.

It is thus evident from the above list of communal riots that religion has continued to be a dominant factor in determining the actions of the various sections of the society. Despite the best efforts on the part of the government to forge unity amongst members of various religions, they have occasionally been divided by religion. Therefore, it can logically be calculated that religion has continued to dominate the political scene in the various states even after independence. Main cause is that all political parties desire to get minority votes. In U.P. and Bihar Yadavas are ruling due to Muslim support while in Gujarat Narendra Modi is ruling due to Hindu support. As such religion is very important factor.

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August 13, 2019