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Discuss the role the government plays in the Commission’s actual working.

Discuss the role the government plays in the Commission’s actual working.


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The Constitutional provisions regarding the composition of State Public Service Commission are very clear, still the working of the Commission has not been free from problems. The Constitution has stipulated the half of the members of the Commission should have served the Government at least for ten years and the total number of the Commission was left to be decided by the President or the Governors. The State Governments have not cared about it. While many professions have not found any representation in the Commission, the number of official category exceeds the limit.

The State Governments do not hesitate to nominate members on political or such other extraneous considerations. This has affected the working of the Commissions. To circumvent the State Public Service Commission appointments on ad hoc basis are made, taking advantage of an exemption and renewed repeatedly defying the provisions. There are allegations that the merit-lists prepared by the Commission are changed arbitrarily.

According to the Constitution Selection and recruitment are done by the Commission but, it has no power to make any appointment. The Appointment Letters are issued by the Government. Delay in issuing Appointment Letters makes the entire exercise meaningless as the most deserving candidates get some other opportunity and do not wait for the official letter of appointment.

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June 24, 2019