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Discuss the various types of Social Networks.

Discuss the various types of Social Networks.

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There are two kinds of social network-personal and group-based. The set of relationships of the individual which is either based on kin, caste or on friendship group of colleagues is termed as personal network. On the other hand, group-based network is based on the interactions and incorporation of members of a group. With incorporation of the group members there emerge similar interests rights and obligations organization and structure.

Personal and Group based Network:

Personal network assumes morphological and interactional characteristics. Morphological features help in deciphering the form of network.

Further Mitchell has delineated characteristics of Morphology. These are:
  • Anchorage refers to ego as the Nucleas of the network of an individual’s relationships and hence there emerges an ego centric personal network.
  • Density refers to the proportions of persons who know one-another.
  • Reach-ability describes an individual who is reachable by another on request e.g. friends.
  • Range denotes the limit to which a person has direct and regular contact with another e.g. through telephone, mail, personally..

International characteristics are illustrated as:

  • Content that is, the context within which interaction takes place describes the content e.g. family interaction has kinship content.
  • ┬áDirectness describes whether the relation is reciprocal or one-sided.
  • Durability refers to the continuity of a relationship over a long period.
  • Intensity refers to the extent to which individuals readily honor obligations.
  • Frequency-denotes the number of times of the interaction.


An ego-centric personal network, of whom an individual is the anchor, may or may not overlap with others. That is to say each individual has his own personal network. In the social network parlance, the person we are interested in is referred to as the “ego” and the people referred to by the “ego” as his affiliate, advisor, friend, or relative, are known as “alters”.

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July 19, 2019