Distinguish between singular and plural supervision. Explain substantive and institutional aspects of supervision.

Singular and Plural Supervision.

According to principles of unity of command and hierarchy, each member of an organization should be subject to the authority of one supervisor. In other words, he should be supervised only by one supervisor. It implies that supervising authority must be singular. But in practice the case is different as a single supervisor may not be familiar with the different aspects of work done by numerous subordinates working Under him. The process of functional specialization has made the work of supervision more difficult. Movement, advocated plural or multiple supervision in industry. According to him there should be a team of eight functional or specialist foremen to supervise each different aspect of worker’s work.

Substantive and Institutional Aspects of Supervision.

Substantive aspect of supervision means that a supervisor must know the technique and the know how of his work because he has to plan his work, assign duties to others and set standards of performance. Institutional aspects of supervision means that a supervisor has to run the agency or unit under his charge according to established rules and procedures and within the framework of policy. He should ensure that the work is rightly done and finished in time. He is responsible for assignment of duties, for attendance, personality and personal conduct of personnel working under his charge. He is also responsible for proper conservation of equipment and supplies.

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