Explain Service Standards and Significance of Inspection as a Technique of Supervision.

Service standards as a technique of supervision serve as norms of determining how efficiently the operating units perform their tasks assigned to them. It gives a measuring rod to the supervisor to measure the output of his subordinates and provides him opportunity to take disciplinary system. against those who do not reach expected norms. This technique is used in all the countries. Service standards are necessary in government in order to ensure that work is done promptly and properly. In any large organization there is likely to be a definite tendency to establish routine which becomes more important than rendering service. But it is a difficult process to fix up service standards in administrative activities, where the standards are to be qualitative rather than quantitative.

The significance of inspection as a technique of supervision.

The main purpose of inspection is to observe that the field agencies are working according to established norms, rules and procedures and whether their performance is up to the expectation of the central office. Through inspection, the supervisor can get the needed information and can pass it onward to the higher authorities. But this does not mean that inspection is only a fault finding process. On the other hand it seeks “to acquire information”. It helps to clarify management’s purpose and intentions. It helps to acquaint top management with the operating problems facing subordinate levels of management. It helps to build personal relationship of mutual acquaintance and confidence.

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