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Explain some forms of Printed Literature.

Explain some forms of Printed Literature.


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Printed literature include annual reports, house journals, booklets, brochures, catalogues, direct mail and leaflets. Organizations require publicity literature to inform about its policies, programs and achievements, to promote its products, services and activities.

Some forms of printed literature are:

House Journal:

A house journal is a selective media and we can identify the audience who received it or not. The target audience is identifiable in this case. In other mass media, it is difficult to know whether or not the target audience has read, seen or listened to a message.

Annual Reports:

Annual reports are now considered as an important PR tool for corporate communication. Annual reports are meant for internal as well as external public’s. It can be sent to the shareholders and attract prospective investors. The PR department is not responsible for preparing the balance sheet and the statements of accounts, but it should advise the management on the overall approach to the report. Besides shareholders, the organization has other financial public’s the investing community in general the potential shareholders, the banks, financial institutions, the financial press and the business community.


Photographs, whether for news or for record purpose, provide a great creative opporiunity to a PR person and serves as an important tool. Photographs of inauguration of new premises„ installation of machinery, hosting of a conference, or launch of a new product can be used in house journals or other literature of the company. Take the help a creative industrial photographer and brief him on your requirements. You can maintain a record of photographs for reference. When issued to the press, write the caption properly.


A brochure is a printed literature pf the company which covers information usually on a specific subject, it may be about a contract, about a product or about the new policy of the organization. A brochure is also called a flyer, or a folder, or a pamphlet. A brochure has much the same purpose as a booklet. Brochures are reasonably inexpensive and relatively fast to produce. They are attractive to read if prepared carefully. While printing brochure, the first step is to identify the objective of the brochure, what information is it supposed to disseminate to the target audience. The content is the most important part of the brochure. Ask the in house copywriter to write it or you can take the help of a freelance copy writer. He must be briefed about the objective so that he can develop the text. Pictures, graphs and charts must also be selected carefully keeping in view the objectives and the target audience.

A brochure can be a fold configuration of four, six or eight panels. Plan the format keeping in view the text, pictures, graphs and charts. It should be easy for reading and look attractive in presentation.

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November 8, 2019