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Explain the concept of health security?

Explain the concept of health security?


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Health Security means having low exposure to disease and high and proper access to health services. Poor people are vulnerable to disease as they live in degraded areas and have poor access to health services or cannot afford medical care. For example, diarrhea because of poor water and sanitation services is a major cause of death among children, malaria and tuberculosis are ‘other diseases that are widespread, In recent years, the threat of AIDS has gone up tremendously and is affecting large sections of the population. For health security, preventive strategies are very important and are closely related to provision of basic services of water supply, sanitation and education. Of course, curative services and access to them as well as their utilization are crucial too.

Health is an area where public action acquires tremendous significance. We mention earlier that public action is not limited to action by the state and includes actions by non-government organizations and voluntary organizations. These organizations, other than government departments, are quite active in the health field in developing nations like India. Their efforts have been remarkable in combating and building awareness about deadly diseases like AIDS and in the on-going pulse polio program in India to provide oral drops to children below five years of age to prevent polio.

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December 12, 2016