Explain the importance of proper placement and orientation for effective job performance of new employees.

When a candidate has been selected for employment in the organization, he has to be properly placed in his work place, made familiar with his job and work area. Placement has to be planned in accordance with expertise and experience of the candidate, so as to enable-the employee feels at home while working.

Placement initially may be tentative, asking the employee carry out various job and after observation of the employee, final placement maybe made. Planned orientation programme for all new employees is a basic necessity to make the new employee feel at home and settle. The first few weeks are critical for all new employees who may find themselves in an alien land With unknown kind of people and feel stressed. Proper orientation after placement is a process of socialization of new employee with his follow worker supervisors and try and learn the work culture as in practice in the organization. Orientation also include the advice to employees on the hierarchy, that is whom he will report and to whom he is responsible and answerable to for this action and who will in turn will report to him. Orientation is first step to the informal organization in the formal organization and goes a long way to fulfill the socio-psychological needs to the employees which helps them to work more effectively and efficiently.

Proper placement has a very vital role in effective job performance by new employees which maim the organization more effective and efficient.

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