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Explain the meaning and concept of Discipline.

Explain the meaning and concept of Discipline.


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Discipline in its broadest sense means orderliness, the opposite of confusion. It does not mean a strict and technical observance of rigid rules and regulations. It simply means working, cooperating and behaving in a normal and orderly way, as any responsible person would expect an employee to do” ‘Discipline is Employee self-control which prompts him to willingly co-operate with the organizational standards, rules, objectives, etc.” An employee is subjected to disciplinary action when he fails to meet some obligations towards his job or the organization. The primary objective of disciplinary action is to make an employee conform to the organization’s rules and regulations.

The aims and objectives of discipline are:

  • To ensure and enable employees to work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the organization.
  • To ensure that employees follow the organizational processes and procedures in spite of their different personalities and behaviour.
  • To provide direction to the employees and fix responsibilities.
  • To improve organizational performance by improving the efficiency of each employee.
  • To maintain a sense of orderliness and conformity to organizational rules in the employees.
  • To maintain common feelings of trust and confidence in the employees towards each other and towards the management.

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May 13, 2019