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How are civil unrest, communal riots and crime, a threat to tourism?

How are civil unrest, communal riots and crime, a threat to tourism?


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Tourists want to visit a place which is peaceful and there is no threat to their lives. Thus civil unrest is a major threat to the tourism. As tourists are very much concerned about their safety, they avoid a destination that is not regarded safe. For example Kashmir valley in India was earlier a favorite destination for tourists but for the last 5-6 years after the terrorist activities, tourists have stopped going to these areas. It is not only tour operators, airlines or travel agents who suffer a loss but the local population is also a victim. In most of the cases destinations have a seasonality. Failure of one season leads to extreme hardship particularly for those who belong to the informal sector or depend on providing subsidiary services. Crime at a destination is another threat. For example, theft, molestation or cheating all bring a bad name to the destination. In certain cases the inflow of tourists is severely affected when the news of communal riots or crime reaches the other. Many countries may declare such countries out of bound for their citizens as per their own discretion.

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September 29, 2018