How can we Control Noise Pollution?

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Noise pollution can be minimized by using some control measures. Vehicular noise can be reduced by discarding the old vehicles and replacing them with latest design vehicles. In a similar way noise pollution in industries can be reduced by changes in design of machinery and equipment. Same rule applies to appliances used in constriction activities. It feasible, the residential areas should be at a distance from railroads, airports, highways and industrial establishments. Sound absorbing material like glass wool, felts, porous blocks and perforated files and carpets, etc., can also reduce noise.

Workers in industries may use ear-plugs or ear-muffs. Trees absorb and dissipate energy and act as buffer zones. Planting of trees along highways, streets and near industrial establishments in helpful to reduce noise pollution. Noise pollution can best be controlled through laws. This can help to prevent and control pollution in industrial, commercial and residential areas. An example is having silence zones near hospitals, schools, etc. Manufacture and bursting of crackers can only be controlled by strict laws.

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