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How do gonads develop in human body?

How do gonads develop in human body?

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Gonads Development: In their early stage of development both the female and male embryos form undifferentiated gonads called ova-testes. The development of these gonads into testes or ovary depends on whether the X-, or Y-bearing sperm has fertilized the ovum. The Y-chromosome produces the testes determining factor (TDF), which stimulates the ‘neutral’ gonads to develop in the 6th week of pregnancy. During this time, the events responsible for the sex determination take place, which determine the sex of the individual. The TDF gene located on Y chromosome activates an entire series of genes related with sex differentiation. As there is no known female inducing substance, so it is assumed that generally the gonads are developed into ovary (female) unless the TDF activates.

Gonads Development


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September 9, 2018