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How does Politics Impact on Caste in India?

How does Politics Impact on Caste in India?


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It is not caste alone which influences the politics. Politics also transforms the caste and effects its solidarity and hierarchy. A caste conscious of its social stratification, strives to better its position for the sake of modernizing the lift of its members and thereby saving itself from the onslaughts of social injustice. Believing that it is quite eligible for participation in a representative democracy like other advanced castes, it asks even for representation in the •government through membership of a political party irrespective of its position in the traditional stratification. The association of politics with caste has led to an injection of greater rationality into the caste system. In other words caste politicization has two way traffic. The two
have affected each other and thereby opened new vistas for the study of politics in India.

Rajni Kothari says “It is not politics that gets caste ridden, it is caste that goes politicized dielectrical as it might sound, it is precisely because the operation of competitive politics has drawn caste out of its political context and given it a new status and identity hitherto unknown has began to disintegrate.”

Prof. Morris Jonnes also holds that the central discovery. “is that politics is more important to castes and castes are more Important to politics than before.” Elaborating this point he further says that the top leaders may proclaim the goal of a tasteless society, by “the newly enfranchised rural masses know only of the language of traditional politics which so largely turns about caste behind the formal lift of party candidates nominated or the contests, there is probably an inside story of careful calculation in terms of caste-appeal.” So far center politics is considered caste does not play decisive role as in India there is no caste possessing majority in India so religion, Muslim, Sikh and Christian etc. are given highest posts to win votes and support in whole India but in states castes count as some castes possess majority in local areas.

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August 13, 2019