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How to prepare publicity material for TV?

How to prepare publicity material for TV?


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Like news release for the press, the publicity material for TV should be newsworthy. It should be action-oriented and colorful. If the organization does not have a video recorder or camera, you can should for a producer for the purpose. TV stations accept professional Umatic tapes and not unprofessional half-inch video tapes which are used in birthday parties or in marriages. ATV news release should not exceed 90 seconds. The story should be arranged in an “inverted pyramid style”. The most important news should be arranged in the beginning and the less important in descending order so that the editor, with one look at the release picks up the important sequences. The edited version needs to have voice cast and music which should also be carefully selected. An edited film clip with a written script should be provided to the TV channels.

The TV team may approach you for coverage on special occasions like a major landmark achieved by the company or a crisis situation. The PR person must facilitate the coverage by providing them access to the place and supply background information about the occasion. Whenever may be the event or occasion, the management’s point of view should be included.

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November 8, 2019