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List three learner related factors that influence academic achievement.

List three learner related factors that influence academic achievement.

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The list of learner related factors that influence academic achievement:

Learner’s physical and mental health-Learning: is greatly affected by the learners physical and mental health maintained by him particularly, at the time of learning. A simple headache and stomach ache can play havoc with the process and product of learning. A child who does not maintain satisfactory physical health has to suffer adversely in terms of gains in learning. Similarly, the mental state and the health of a learner at the time of learning becomes a potent factor in deciding the outcome of his learning. A tense, emotionally, mentally disturbed learner cannot show satisfactory results in learning.

The level of aspiration and achievement motivation: Learning is greatly influenced by the level of aspiration and nature of achievement motivation possessed by a learner. How can we expect a learner to achieve a thing for which he has no aspiration? Also, too many aspirations make it impossible for an individual to achieve them. A person has to maintain the level of his aspirations and achievement motivation at a reasonable level. That is to say, his aspirations should neither be too high which will result in non-achievement of any goal, nor too low as not to try to achieve goals which he is capable of.


Readiness and Will Power: A learner’s readiness and power to learn are great deciding factors of his results in learning. No power on earth can help a learner if he is not ready to learn. Certainly, if he has a will to learn a thing, then automatically, he will himself find ways to effective learning.

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March 13, 2019