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Make a Practical Arrangements for Counselling.

Make a Practical Arrangements for Counselling.


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Practical Arrangements for Counseling.

The concept of counselling falls under the preview of professional services. Hence, it is necessary that counselling be conducted by well trained and professionally qualified personnel. There is no doubt that the concept of counselling has been age old and every community or society has their own ways to deal with crisis situation. But in present time the concept has to be dealt in a scientific and professional manner. In the western world, counselling is very common and there are large numbers of professionals present to render their services in this field.

On the contrary, in developing countries like India, the concept is not new but it is not very common among the masses. The opportunity to make counselling a career is not a lucrative one due to lack of opportunities. Though at slower pace, the demand of counsellors is increasing especially in issues arising out of various reoccurring diseases that call for immediate attention.

Who Should be the Client?

Counselling is the technique of providing support and guidance to individuals suffering from psychological problems at personal and interpersonal level. People experiencing problems at personal levels are recommended to attend individual counselling for solving their problems. E.g. an alcoholic is generally recommended individual counselling but at times depending on the gravity of the situation, immediate group comprising of family and close friends are also called for counselling session. E.g. an alcoholic’s wife can play a major role in pursuing a person to quit drinking.

People with interpersonal issues are recommended group counselling, but individual counselling session also cannot be ruled out depending on the problem. E.g. a couple during a marital counselling session can be called individually for the counselling session. In many cases people object for being singled out or inclusion in a group counselling session e.g. When the parents of an adolescent facing the issues of excessive violent and rebellious behaviour are called for counselling session object them being involved in the procedure when they are not at fault but the problem lies with their son and his company of similar natured boys. This kind of situations call for great amount of patience and tact in making the concerned people agree for their involvement and cooperation.

Where Should Counselling be Conducted?

Though not completely formal like psychotherapy, counselling is a moderately formal activity. Therefore, care should be takn in selecting the venue for conducting counselling sessions.

  • A formal setting like a counselling center or a clinic is an appropriate place.
  • Domestic setting should be avoided at any cost unless absolutely necessary.
  • A quite environment is a necessity for counselling session as constant interruptions affect the outcome of the sessions.
  • Maintaining privacy during the counselling sessions is must. A client may hesitate to share his problems and secrets if there are other people present in the room or chamber where the session is being held.

How Should the Seats be Arranged During the Session?

It is advised that the counsellor and the client is facing each other. It would be on the choice of the client and counsellor whether they want to sit across the table or with nothing between them. The comfort and ease of both the client and counsellor is necessary to decide the seating arrangement. More information about the client and his problems.

He may ask questions like:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What is it that you cannot ask for?
  • What is it that you cannot feel or want?
  • Tell me what to your feel about the problem you are facing?
  • Narrate a funny incident that happened with you in recent past?
  • What is your best asset?
  • What is it that you like or don’t like about yourself?
  • Who are the people you confide in.
  • Who are the people you turn to for help?
  • What is it that makes you happy the most?

There are innumerable questions that a counsellor can ask the client to gain insight into his problems.

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July 19, 2019