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Mention Some Common Sexual Problems.

Mention Some Common Sexual Problems.


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Sexual Problems: During discussion about sex it is common for the client to feel anxiety and fear of sexual functioning. Therefore the counselor must understand of the common problems.of the clients and the support they require. There are many reasons for sexual problems such as medical, biological, relational or personal. Both .desire and satisfaction are affected due to this. In India very few trained Sex therapist professionals are available. Most of the times client’s need to refer these to professionals to handle these sensitive matters using correct knowledge. In India, there is no adequate knowledge available.

Problem in sexual desire:

With low interest the desire becomes low. Due to low desire the frequency drops and the partner remains dissatisfied and strain. There are reasons for low desire such as hormonal dysfunction, or depression or a conflicting relationship. Sometimes the problem is of lack of self-arousal or negative sexual signs from the partner.

Problem in arousal:

When men quits dramatically without any specific reason. The male organ is not fit enough to get into intercourse. This kind of problem is less in women. But when it does there is no lubrication. Thus arousal problems are common in both men and women but they may happen once in a while but if it persist the couple must visit for a professional help.

Orgasm and Ejaculation Problems:

  • Delayed ejaculation: Sometimes it is a matter of time. Both men and women need good sexual stimulation before reaching the climax sometimes even an hour, which is called delayed orgasm or ejaculation.
  • Rapid ejaculation: Sometimes orgasm occurs so fast that it frustrates either both or one partner.

Genital pain: Sometimes both men and women feel discomfort during the act. A little pause may help for easing pain but to start allover again is not a good idea. This actually can be a serious problem. Sometimes in female organ it becomes such contracted (vaginal spasm) that it is difficult for insertion. This can happen due to intense foreplay. It can also happen due to emotional stress. All sexual problems can be treated with counseling, teaching of certain techniques, behaviour therapy and in few cases medical treatment.

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November 7, 2019