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What adjustments does a woman has to make in her husband’s home? What should one look in a good marriage partner?

What adjustments does a woman has to make in her husband’s home? What should one look in a good marriage partner?


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Adjustment is the core ingredient of a happy and successful marriage. Both partners have to make adjustments for the success of marriage. In fact, partners need to keep adjusting throughout their live in various matters but the level of adjustments keep varying with changing times. Initial years of marriage are very crucial for a woman and she needs to make lot of adjustments as compared to her better half. Some of the main areas where a woman needs to make adjustments are mentioned hereunder:

  • To a woman leaves a secure environment of her parents’ house and move into a new and usually strange home and environment about which she practically has no knowledge.
  • She has to prepare herself for interaction with new members in a new family, i.e., husband and in-laws who are practically strangers for her.
  • She has to adapt herself in a new routine of the new house.
  • She is supposed to take up new roles as a wife, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law in the new environment.
  • She also experiences a newer aspect of physical intimacy and has to adapt to this change in her life.
  • She has to undergo change in her entire persona from a young carefree girl she has to become a restrained, dutiful and obedient wife and daughter-in-law and bring about a change in her personality and attitude.
  • A working woman has to adjust between the responsibilities of her new home and the work place.

Marriage is a very important aspect of an individual’s life and any decision on selection of marriage partner should be done with upmost care. Mostly it is seen that young people stress at good looks, good dressing sense and the external behaviour of an individual to make selection of their life partner. Good looks cannot be ruled out as selection criteria but it does not guarantee a happy and successful married life.

Mental maturity and a good physical health are more important aspects that one should.look into their marriage partner. Secondly, compatibility of thoughts of both boy and the girl is a very important factor which should be seen while choosing marriage partner. The compatibility and similarity can be divided into the four group mentioned hereunder:

  • Basic ideologies towards life should be similar in the field of values, religion, goals and conviction.
  • Both the partners should have same views about marriage and important aspect of marriage, i.e. fidelity, sex, children and in-laws.
  • Personal issues like age, education, social and economic status should be similar.
  • Similarity in issues relating to cultural, social and political background also is important.

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September 23, 2019