What are the Advantages of Job Evaluation?


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In an company the employees want fair pay. The employees want regular raises. He wants to attract and retain talented employees in his organization. The employees need clarity about their roles and responsibilities as well as about what’s expected from them. Job evaluation, performed effectively and used to clarify and revise job descriptions and position responsibilities, is the solution to all of these issues. Job evaluation is forms a tool used to evaluate the worth of each job in the, organization and in today’s labor market.

A successful job evaluation system can help make organization’s pay system equitable, understandable, legally defensible, approachable, and externally competitive. Evaluation clarifies job descriptions so that employees understand the expectations of their roles and the relationship of their roles to other jobs within the organization, attract desirable job candidates, retain high-potential employees, provide a relatively objective and unbiased view of the worth of jobs, avoid favoritism or no account of individual jobholders, iron out current discrepancies and help to prevent future anomalies, which can cause bad feeling, resentment for parity those who feel they are undervalued, provide a transparent approach to valuing jobs once established, can support a pay system which is fair and equal because there is transparent way to compare job demands, it helps comparison of remuneration rates against the overall markets, it can usefully support career managements succession planning.


It is best to perform job evaluation after work analysis. Job evaluation, in conjunction with work analysis, helps one to develop a job description that is broad, descriptive, and flexible so that one can adapt the description to the organization’s changing needs.

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March 14, 2019