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What are the different Sources of Recruitment? Discuss its Advantages and Limitations.

What are the different Sources of Recruitment? Discuss its Advantages and Limitations.

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There are only two different sources of recruitment:

Internal Source: Internal source is from within organization and its employees.

External Source: Following are the external sources of recruitment:
  • Professional or Educational Institution: Professional and educational are the biggest sources.
  • Private Placement Agencies: Private placement agencies is a very big sources of all kind of people skilled, unskilled, professional and experienced people.
  • Professional Bodies/Associations: Professional association is a right source for recruitment of professionals.
  • Govt. Employment Agencies: A main source of unskilled workers.

Advantages of Internal Sources.

  • Inexpensive System: It is the most inexpensive system of recruitment. Of the organization has the relevant data readily available.
  • Motivates Employees: Internal recruitment motivates employees to perform well.
  • Familiarity with People: Organization is well familiar with the employees.
Limitation of Internal Recruitment.
  • Limited availability: Only limited number of employees are available for consideration.
  • There can be conflicts: Internal recruitment can cause conflicts in the organization.

Advantages of External Recruitment.

  • Ample and Wide Choice: It provides ample and wide choice for recruitment of people with right qualification.
  • Open Process: It is an open process where large number of applicant and even future panel can be drawn.
  • Provide Healthy Competition: External candidates with certain experience on joining the organization provide a healthy competition.

Limitations of External Recruitment.

  • Expansive and time-consuming: It is very expansive and time consuming system.
  • Discourage the existing employees: With more people being recruited from outside the existing employees feel discouraged and may not be able to keep their efficiencies.
  • Discourages competition with in the organization: Recruitment from external source discourage competition with in the organization.
  • Unfamiliarity with the nature of the organization: External being unfamiliar with nature of organization, may not feel at home while working.

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August 20, 2019