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What are the functions that MIS supports in an organization?

What are the functions that MIS supports in an organization?


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Functions of Management Information Systems (MIS) in an organization. Information within an organization can be analyzed into three levels:

Strategic Information: is used by the senior managers or top management to plan the goals of their organization and to review whether the goals are being met. Such information includes overall profitability, future market prospects, the availability and cost of raising new funds, total cash needs, total manning levels and capital equipment needs, etc.

Tactical information: is used by middle management to ensure that the resources of the business are employed to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization. Such information includes productivity measurement, budgetary control or variance analysis reports, cash flow forecasts, manning levels and profit results within a particular department of the organization, labor turnover statistics within a department, short-term purchasing requirement, etc.


Operation information: is used by operation level management such as foremen or head clerks to ensure that specific tasks are planned and carried out properly within an organization. For example, operational information relating to day rate labor will include the hours worked each week by each employee, his rate of pay per hour, details of his deductions, and the purpose of wages analysis, details of the time each man spent on individual jobs during the week. Operational information relates to the level of decision-making referred to as Operation control.

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March 14, 2019