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What are the guidelines for writing about the participants?

What are the guidelines for writing about the participants?

Course: ba psychology

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When we are writing about the participants we should provide information on:

  • The number of participants.
  • The method of sample selection.
  • Their age, sex, species, weight.
  • The incentive, if any, given to the sample.
  • Any other information important for understanding the study.

We should describe the participants in detail and they should look representative. The method of sample selection should also be clearly mentioned. How they have been selected. The demographic characteristics of the sample selected for the study should also be mentioned clearly.


If the participants are non-human, the report should mention the genus, species and strain number and other specific identification like the name and location of the supplier and the stock designation. The number of animals tested or used for the study and sex, age, weight, and physiological condition of the animals should be mentioned.

November 6, 2018