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What are the methods of writing the results in the report?

What are the methods of writing the results in the report?

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Writing the results does not include an explanation of the findings of the experiment. This section should have descriptive statistics and statistical tests if used. It includes the degrees of freedom used, obtained values of inferential statistics used, probability level and direction of effect. We use letters such as “N”, “F”, “t”, “SD”, and “p” as statistical symbols.

We indicate a link, use underlining and avoid underlining within web pages. We also make reference to figures and tables used in the report. We use tables when presenting descriptive statistics like means, standard deviations and correlations. Figures include pictures, graphs and drawings. The report should use minimum number of tables and figures. We use them as supplements only. The section also mentions the statistical procedures used.

Before mentioning the details of the findings, we give a brief summary of the principal findings. We mention the results of the statistical tests (F or t values, results from post hoc tests, and soon) and summary data (for example, and ANOVA summary table or a table that includes means and standard deviations) in this section.

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January 7, 2019