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What are the Qualities and Duties of a Good Supervisor?

What are the Qualities and Duties of a Good Supervisor?


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Supervision requires good supervisors. Some believe that supervisors are born, not made. Such people emphasize the inborn qualities of supervisors. But these qualities confine to personal qualities like attractive personality, good health, high intelligence, persuasiveness and loyalty to the organization. But in addition to these personal traits there are certain qualities, which a person must acquire to become a. good supervisor. Thus a good supervisor can have both personal and acquired traits. Pfiffner has mentioned the main qualities of a good supervisor as:

  • Command of job content i.e., expert knowledge of the work to be supervised.
  • Personal qualifications, like integrity, honesty, ability to cooperate, ability to attract, motivate, enthuse and unite others to work.
  • Teaching ability i.e., ability to communicate with the. workers and make them understand the viewpoint of the management.
  • General outlook i.e., the supervisor should like his job and be absorbed in it and inspire those who work under him.
  • Courage and fortitude Le.. ability to take decisions and assume responsibilities.
  • Ethical and moral considerations i.e., freedom from vices.
  • Administrative technology Le. ability to manage, organize and coordinate.
  • Curiosity and intellectual ability i.e., intellectual alertness and receptivity to new ideas and practices.

A supervisor is expected to perform the following duties.:

  • To understand duties and responsibilities of his own position.
  • To plan the execution of the work.
  • To divide the work among the subordinates.
  • To train the subordinates in their respective fields. of work.
  • To evaluate and monitor the performance of the employees.
  • To correct mistakes and solve the problems of the employees.
  • To keep the subordinates informed about the policies and the, changes to be made.
  • To cooperate with the colleagues and seek advice and assistance when needed.
  • To deal with the suggestions and complaints of the subordinates.

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September 13, 2019