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What are the various aspects of the Cultural Heritage of Bureaucracy?

What are the various aspects of the Cultural Heritage of Bureaucracy?


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The cultural heritage of bureaucracy included:

Western Liberal Education: Western liberal education was adopted for Indians so that their thinking process can be made favorable to the interest of rulers. It was sought that the employed Indians should think, feel and behave like Englishmen so that they can easily participate in exploitation of their own people. Even after Independence the recruitment of administrators through competitive examination has been mainly on the basis of Western liberal education.

Dependence upon the West: The expansion of Western ideas has resulted in making us excessively dependent upon the West. Many of our brains are inclined towards West and logging to serve them. This has caused a lot of brain drain from India, as our scientists, doctors and other intellectuals aspire to contribute in other country. This cause to depend us upon foreign scientists, engineers, consultants and purchase technology from outside. This all lead to substantial wealth drain from our country. This Western effect changes our attitude also and we develop interest in the problems of developed Western countries rather than the developing countries.


Mix of Capitalist and Feudal Attitudes: With the advent of British rule, Western culture was superimposed upon our existing, largely feudal culture. So, there developed a mixture of capitalist and feudal attitudes. These attitudes are often conflicting in nature with the democratic principles. But the problem is that the Western attitudes adopted by the bureaucracy are non-conducive to our principles but there are some good attitudes in western .culture like dignity of labor and hard work which can be favorable for any developing country but these are not adopted by our bureaucracy.

Lack of Communication between the Bureaucracy and the Common Man: The bureaucratic culture of India does not facilitate the communication between bureaucracy and the common man. This creates a gulf between the values of administrators and the common people. This again interrupts development.

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March 15, 2019