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What do you mean by Knowing How and Knowing That in education?

What do you mean by Knowing How and Knowing That in education?

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Knowing how refers to the skills rather than understanding. Such things can be conceived of having educational importance to the extent they help in gaining knowledge, attitudes, character and skills that have application in a wider range of area in life. For example, a sports person has a stronger will to face tough times, it is educational component of games. Similarly, if a musician can use his music to relax himself in the times of distress, it is educational in that sense.

Knowing that implies the knowledge in history, science or social science which throws light on aspects which need understanding and once understood they deepen one’s views on other aspects of life. Knowing that is concerned with the understanding and not only acquiring skills. Being educated involves knowing that as well as knowing how. Therefore, education can’t be called a process of instruction, drill or training, but it must satisfy three criteria:

  • Worthwhileness: Pragmatic school of thought which originated in USA strongly claims that an educated man has an understanding of his actions on other things and has a perspective for his profession. It is important to give allegiance to standards connected with truth, which are intrinsic to the mind’s functioning and hence desirable and worthwhile.
  • Relevant Knowledge and Skills which Involve Understanding: Education must expand itself to the level of understanding rather than only acquiring skills and being trained for them.
  • Voluntariness: Education must stress on the fact that nothing worthwhile can be imposed via coercion or external forces but it has to come from within. So, there should be voluntariness from learners side to gain good and worthwhile from within.

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