What does man by Management Development Programs? Explain the Major Techniques of Management Development Programs

Management here refers to collection of functional managers. Management development programmers are undertaken by an organization, to enhance and improve the quality of performance of functional ‘managers with a view to make the organization more effective and efficient. Management development has an elements of training, teaching, interaction and presentations.

Major Techniques of management development programme.

  • Creating Assistant to Position: These positions are created to provide, hence, or feel to an assistant as to how a senior performance function.
  • Temporary Promotion: Promotions are given to managers and they are asked to perform the function of superior manager.
  • Understudy: This position is that of trainee who is being groomed for a higher position.
  • Job – rotation: A manager is asked to perform various different jabs in rotation and gain feel of every job and its details.
  • Sensitivity Training: This training is developed to develop the level of sensitivity of the trainee or others view, method of working and feelings.
  • Case study: A case study method is adopted and a particular case is given to a trainee to find and suggest solutions.
  • Conference and Discussion: Various groups, discussion, conferences and workshops are conducted to exchange ideas and views.
  • Lectures of Courses: Many lectures and courses by environment industry managers are conducted to train people.

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