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What does mean by Procedure in Methodology?

What does mean by Procedure in Methodology?

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The procedure includes the instructions to the participants, the formation of the groups, and the experimental manipulation if there is any. Procedure also includes randomization, counter balancing and other control features in the design. It also includes standard testing procedures. While writing the procedure section, we should mention all these points. If a language other than English is used in the collection of information, the language should also be specified in the procedure section. When an instrument is translated into another language, we should mention the specific method of translation.

In procedure section, we should explain how the experiment has been conducted. We should mention if any special control procedures have been used. For example, “Participants were seated in a chair located approximately 2.85m from the television monitor.” Or “To control for order effects, the film clips were presented in counterbalanced order.”


We should mention everything step-by-step in chronological order. We can use some discretion in reporting commonplace details. We need not mention the obvious. For example, if the, subjects appeared in a written test, it is not needed to say that they were provided with pencils and were seated during the test. However, if there is anything usual in the procedures, that should be described.

We do not have to start procedure on a new page. We should write the word ‘Procedure’ on the left margin in italics. Paragraphs can start from the next line. We have to carefully summarize each step in the execution of the study. We have to specify what a typical test, trial, or session is involved. We also have to describe any phases that the study had or any instructions that the subjects received. We should use descriptive labels when referring to groups.

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November 6, 2018