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What does mean by Recycling Information for Reorganizing the PR Campaign.

What does mean by Recycling Information for Reorganizing the PR Campaign.


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Recycling Information for Reorganizing the PR Campaign

Data and information should always be updated and recycled. Most PR programs are planned on the basis of available information, feedback collected from earlier campaigns and assumptions of the PR planners. This is not the proper way to plan a PR program because the situations are constantly changing. There are factors like developed communication technologies, global communication links through the satellites, the government’s liberalized policy towards the market economy and the new exit policy empowering organizations to get rid of excess labor force that have impact on the employees, consumers and shareholders.

The coverage of these issues by the press, television and radio is constantly changing the expectations and attitudes of the public towards the organizations. The consumers are now aware of their rights. To redress their grievances they are approaching the consumer courts. The employees are demanding a better quality of life. They are regrouping themselves to fight the exit policy. The shareholders are worried about their investments and they want better returns. Banks and financial institutions no longer enjoy the same trust as before. They are now careful in financing organizations.


There are also modifications in the organization itself. There is a change in the management, substantial increase in product pricing, shift in location of plants and introduction of a voluntary retirement scheme. Besides, there is unfavorable media coverage, a change in product formulation, inability to declare a dividend, a new policy towards diversification and a host of other factors that could have a negative or positive effect on the expectations of the public’s towards the organization. All these information are vital and must be recycled and updated into a PR campaign to revitalize it. The planners should be aware about these factors and include changes to reorganize a campaign.

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November 24, 2018