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What efforts were made for the publicity of the Kalinga Bali Yatra?

What efforts were made for the publicity of the Kalinga Bali Yatra?


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The national media in India and Indonesia gave wide coverage to the event. The Department of Tourism published a number of advertisement material like:
  • Posters with a painting of Late Gopal Kanungo, a famous artist of Orissa.
  • Poster with Kalinga Bali Yatra logo taken from a maritime panel of Bhoga Mandap of Puri Jagannath Temple.
  • Catalogue on Kalinga Bali Classical Art exhibition highlighting the selected cultural items of the exhibition.
  • Folder on Kalinga Bali Yatra highlighting the cultural synthesis of Kalinga Bali Yatra. This also included enumeration of the components of Bali Yatra Festival at Paradip.
  • Booklet on Kalinga Nrityayana with the detailed account of the dance repertoire.
  • The sticker with Kalinga Bali Yatra logo.
  • A portfolio reproduction of Dasabatar Pata-painting.
  • A guide to Orissa written by Moureen Libel.
  • Reprint of special features on Orissa (Destination of India).
  • Booklet on Orissa published by Department of Tourism, Government of India and reprinted by Department of Tourism Government of Orissa.
  • The programme card with details of the programme of the entire Kalinga Bali Yatra Festival.
  • An Eye to Orissa published by information Department giving exhaustive account of the history, culture, present day status of the modern Orissa State.
  • A pouch folder with Bomkei textile models had been reproduced for presentation of tourist literature.

Along with these momentoes like coat pins and lockets with Bali Yatra log were also produced for presentation to dignitaries at Bali. These were highly appreciated.


November 6, 2018