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What is Job Enrichment?

What is Job Enrichment?

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Job enrichment refers to re-designing the job in a manner that by doing it one gets an intrinsic satisfaction. It involves enriching the job contact and up grading of responsibility, widening the scope and challenges work. Job enrichment is basically a motivational tool and is part of non-financial motivation. Incentive job can be enriched by vertical enhancement by adding functions from other organizational levels. It can be achieved by providing more variety and a greater challenge. Higher responsibility with more autonomy to an employee adds to his pride. Job enrichment require higher levels of knowledge skills and competence for handling it.

Enrichment of job involves the following principles:

The worker gets more freedom of operation and responsibility.
  • The workers be asked to participate in giving suggestion.
  • The manager should understand the workers and should consult them to find out as to what they want.
  • Make the work as challenging as possible.
Advantages of Job Enrichment: Job enrichment makes work more interesting.
  • It helps prevent absentism.
  • It provides for development and growth.
  • It gives the worker a higher job satisfaction.
  • Production quantity and quality improves.

Limitations of Job Enrichment: Specialized process and advance technologies may not allow any changes in the job content.

  • The gains in productivity may not justify the cost of job enrichment.
  • People may not have the skill or drive to handle the enriched job.

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October 7, 2019