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What is mean by threats and obstacles to tourism?

What is mean by threats and obstacles to tourism?


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Sometimes in relation to tourism we come across such statements that the country has tremendous tourism potential but no development is taking place in that regard or there has been a fall in tourism arrival etc. Such situations arise because of certain obstacles and threats. Obstacles are generally understood as those procedures and policies that block, interrupt or reverse the free flow of tourism, even cultures and perceptions can also become instruments of obstruction. Similarly the threats to tourism may be located in the very nature of tourism, attitude of tourists, operations of travel trade, tourism impacts, tourism policy and planning or attitude of the host population.

Thus anything that interrupts the tourism is a threat or obstacles to tourism. We also have the political economic, sociological, anthropological and cultural encounters between tourists, their destination and residents. These encounters can also be a threat or obstacle to tourism. Generally these threats and obstacles are perceived only at the destination and not at the point of origin. But threat of obstacle may be located at the point of origin as well as the destination.


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September 29, 2018