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What is National Integration?

What is National Integration?

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National integration is a process of integrating the various and diverse elements of a national social system into a unified whole. The factors which threaten national integration are:

  • Linguism: Since India is a multi-linguistic nation, language problem is are current phenomena. It has become a powerful source of political articulation.
  • Communalism: This threatens the peaceful co-existence of various religious groups as one religious group tries to maximize its economic, political and social strength at the cost of the other groups. It goes against the notion of a secular state.
  • Social Inequalities: Socially created inequalities e.g. through caste system, have a dis-integrative on the process of nation-building.
  • Regional Disparities: Unequal development of different regions negatively affect the effort towards nation-building. It causes social movements and sometimes results in the demand for a separate state, e.g,. Jharkhand Movement.

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July 16, 2018