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What is Sexuality? What Exactly is Normal?

What is Sexuality? What Exactly is Normal?


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Sexuality exactly means gender bifurcation as male and female but has been referred to as ‘doing’ such actually performing the act. The phenomenon of sexuality is difficult to explain or define but easy to understand. Sexuality is complete sexual makeup of an individual which includes determinants of self esteem, body image and social roles. It also includes sex, sexual behaviour and the act. There are many physical ways of expressing it such as touching, embracing, fantasizing, or kissing or even just holding hands. Not only the physical aspects but feelings also are part of sexuality which includes attitudes, values and preferences. It also involves a lot of caring and sharing.

According to World Health Organization sexual health is the integration of physical, emotional, intellectual and social aspect of sexuality in a way that positively enriches and promotes personality communication and love. For a healthy sexual behaviour understanding sexuality is most important.

What Exactly is Normal?

There are many variations in sexual behaviour as no two people behave in the same way. And all of us believe that the way we think or behave is normal. But the reality is that we are conditioned according to the tradition, society our own emotions and experiences. This can be explained in following example as when we talk about Homosexuality there is a range of expressions such as: They are unnatural, They should not be tolerated or It is an alternative sexual behaviour and Homosexuals are as good as heterosexuality. Let anybody have their personal views but a counselor cannot be judgemental in viewing the client. As a person the client is expecting compassion, understanding and help for a healthy attitude.

There are certain criteria that evaluate sexual relationship as healthy:
  • Mutual consent between husband and wife for engaging in act which gives them satisfaction.
  • The act should not be harmful in either physically or mentally.
  • It should not be publicly displayed it should be a private affair.
  • The activity should not be exclusive.

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November 7, 2019