What is Supervision? Explain briefly.

Supervision is made up two words SUPER + VISION, and it denotes extra ordinary superior-vision of things happening around oneself. Supervision is one of the important element of Directing function of management.

Meaning of Supervision.

Directing is based on supervision, as it involves observing the work Sunder progress and issuing directions for improvement or correction of course. Supervision is first line managerial function and is mainly related to actual work under progress. Supervision is based on close observation and achieved through instructing, guiding and providing inspiration. Effective supervision is based on counseling, leadership and communication, which is mainly two way in nature i.e. from supervisor to worker and from worker to the supervisor.

Functions of Supervisors.

Supervisor is a manager at the lowest level and performs all basic managerial functions. He is responsible to get the work done in accordance with performance standards. Supervision has to chart out the assignment of work, specify work schedules, issues instructions, ensure planned operations through satisfactory working conditions, regulate the performance of work and take remedial steps wherever necessary. A supervisor is a very.vital link between the floors and is vital link in the managerial communications. He acts as the eyes and ears of the middle level management and conveys the feelings of workers to the managers and makes out a strong case for the welfare of his men.

Significance of Supervisory Role.

Significance of supervisory role is evident from the nature of responsibilities he performs on one hand he gets the work done and conveys the policies of the management and gets the feeling of workers and makes them known to the higher management, thus he acts as a very vital link between the higher management and the floor level worker improper or imperfect supervision can lead to lot of problems as the supervisor holds a key position.

Scope of Supervisory Responsibilities.

Supervisors are the first line managers whose prime responsibility is to get the assigned work done efficiently and on time for the attainment of objectives. Supervisor is provided with staff advice through personnel officer for efficient execution of work. The scope of supervisory responsibility in present day work environment is limited to getting the work done in an efficient manner and convey the policies of the management to workers and convey the feelings of workers to the management.

Qualities of a Good Supervisor.

A supervisor must have qualities of a true leader who leads by example and he must have the following qualities:

  • Very good technical and job knowledge: A supervisor must have very strong technical knowledge and should be able to the job himself in efficient manner.
  • Managerial abilities: A supervisor should have the abilities of a manager and should be able to manage his role.
  • Leadership qualities: A supervisor should be a good leader and should be able to lead by example.
  • Communication skills: A supervisor should have excellent communication skills and should be able to communicate very effectively.
  • Human approach: The approach of the supervisor in dealing with his men should be human and helping.
  • Proper use of position and authority: A supervisor should not try and misuse his position or authority. He should use his position only to fulfill his responsibility.
  • Resource use skills: He must be able to use the available resources at his command in a efficient manner.

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