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What is the helping relationship skill of the group work?

What is the helping relationship skill of the group work?

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The Helping relationship skill of the group work: The heart of the group work is the genuine care for the group members. Relationship will be more cohesive if the worker follows the following skills.

  • Skill of Empathy: is the capacity to recognize feelings that are being experienced by another sentient or semi-sentient being. Someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before they are able to feel compassion.
  • Skill of encouraging: The member’s feedback which helps to respond to the worker’s explanation. It gives the opportunity to the members to ask questions and raise disagreements.
  • Skill in describing the member’s role: It is, common tendency which group members can avail facilities rights and fulfill duties. The main job of social worker is to explain the members why the person is joining the group and what work will be assigned to him.
  • Skill of active listening: It is where the worker tends to both members of the group verbally and non-verbally message. He can become good listener by clarifying and explaining things to the group members.
  • Skill of exploring the member’s silence: It means he must be able to read the mind of the group members who are silent and also try to find the reason behind it. He must help the members to share the problems and become an active member once again.
  • Skill of recognizing every member’s strengths: This skill helps the members to know and develop tasks in the group process. He helps the members in promoting the needed services and working for the welfare of the group.
  • Skill in partialization and gradation of the problems: It means members can solve the problems which cannot be solved alone. Their gradation is needed. Priority must be given to a fixed group worker.

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