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What is the Status of Public Relations in Indian Education Sector? Discuss the needs of public relations efforts in Education Institution.

What is the Status of Public Relations in Indian Education Sector? Discuss the needs of public relations efforts in Education Institution.


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The PR in educational institutions is yet to make a mark. Educational institutions do not have professional PR persons to communicate with their public’s. This may be because the educational institutions have lack of orientation in modern management techniques. Most of the educational institutes still cling on to the colonial method of administration. With the 21st century round the comer and with the liberalization of economy, it is high time that the management structures of all the educational institutions of the country should geared towards adopting the management systems which would make them more effective. Some private educational institutions have recently started engaging PR professionals to campaign for their institutes.

Here we have an example to illustrate the poor status of PR in the education sector. In February 1993, an autonomous body of the Government of India, while advertising for the post of an Administration Officer, says, he was to “shoulder the integrated responsibility involving establishment/ legal matters and public relations pertaining to the laboratory”. The advertisement further reads: “The Public Relations functions include air/rail reservations for the laboratory personnel on official tour, arrangements for foreign travels, conferences, liaison with press, media and government agencies, etc.”


Educational institutions are affected by a number of maladies and these need PR efforts to find a solution. The student community has a lot of grievances. Students have objection to study of compulsory languages and outdated syllabus. They have grievances against lack of employment opportunities or career guidance and teachers indifference. Besides, there are also complaints against Students indiscipline, ragging, mass copying, politics in campus and drug abuse. A proper PR campaign can help educational institutions maintain good connection with industry and business so that students can get better placement. PR campaigns can help re-frame the curriculum. Similarly medical professionals could be involved for awareness to campaign against drug abuse and AIDS. Sports institutions can help nurture young talents.

Tools and Media: For communication with various public’s, the PR in educational sector generally use media channels such as bulletin boards, PTA meetings, posters, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, charts-audiovisual and newsletters, press releases, brochures, speeches etc.

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September 25, 2019