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What measures should be adopted to promote tourism?

What measures should be adopted to promote tourism?


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The following are some measures should be adopted to promote tourism:
  • A quantitative and qualitative analysis of natural, cultural, artistic and human resources should be done.
  • Realize that one country’s heritage is a part of the heritage of mankind and therefore avoid conflict, war and mis-sensitivity to a holistic view of heritage.
  • Recognize the social and economic importance of tourism and extend its conversationalist aspect to create an unpolluted environment.
  • Recognize the traditional value, and guide tourism as a social force and a negotiable reason between rich and the poor.
  • To achieve tourism related goals via bilateral and multilateral agreements into which socio-economic goals can be introduced if tourism is for developing the host country.
  • The threats and obstacles model in tourism development should address to the dual problem presence as you develop.
  • All tourism developments must not be related to short term needs, but must respond to obligations which we must feel towards the exploitation, marginalized, the poor and backward, the uneducated etc.

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September 29, 2018