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What were the remarks of Flexner on the Professional Status of Social Work?

What were the remarks of Flexner on the Professional Status of Social Work?


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Flexner’s Remarks on Professional Status: Professions involve essentially intellectual operations with large individual responsibility; they derive their raw material from science and learning, this material they work up to a practical and definite end, they possess an educationally communicable technique, they tend to self-organization, they are becoming increasingly altruistic in motivation. The author have made the point that all the established and recognized professions have definite and specific ends: Medicine, law, architecture, engineering-one can draw a clear line of demarcation about their respective fields. This is not true of social work. It appears not so much a definite field as an aspect of work in many fields. An aspect of medicine belongs to social work, as do certain aspects of law, education, architecture, etc.

Flexner concluded that in 1915, that social work is not a profession for which he gave the following arguments. They are:

  • Social work profession is interceded involving the professionals but it is still lacking the accountability and supremacy of an accurate profession.
  • Social work has derived its knowledge, facts, ideas by way of seminars and laboratory work. Therefore, we cannot say that is a persistently controlled educational field.
  • Social work even doesn’t have the degree of a high professionalized aptitude needed for a fully occupied profession. The wide scope of the social work profession.

Flexner seen that the changes of the professional self-consciousness have even recognized the social work from the beginning of professionalism and the altruistic motivation of the practitioners of social work and their dedication towards doing all good and committed social work.

If social work fails to conform to seine professional criteria, it very readily satisfies others. No question can be raised as to the source from which the social worker derives his material, it comes obviously from science and learning, from economics, ethics, religion and medicine nor is there any doubt on the score of the rapid evolution of a professional self-consciousness, as these annual conferences abundantly testify.

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November 6, 2019