Who is a Teacher?

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It is as difficult to define a teacher as it is to define a mother. At surface level, we might say that the mother is one who gives birth to a child, but we can use our sixth sense to argue that it is incomplete version of a mother. Similarly, one can say a teacher is one who teaches, but it does not communicate the exact connotation of the word.

A teacher has clarity of exposition and be capable of recognizing the cogency of an argument love for truth and passion for justice an ability to discriminate between worthwhile and not worthwhile things and an ability to initiate a taste for worthwhile things in learners an understanding that he is only a facilitator for the knowledge that is already there in the learners. He should have good inter-personal and life skills. He has a strong commitment to the faith that society, parents and learners have put in him. He should have a clear vision for his professional aims and his responsibility as an educationist.

A teacher should be capable of conducting shared explorations of a common world. He needs to have an acceptance for the mistakes for the learners and still being capable of loving as he ever did. A teacher needs to recognize that we teach children, not subjects and hence he should adopt a child-centered teaching methodology. A teacher has to make a balance between intimacy and dignity of his position to attain the dual objective of academic and individuals goals of the learner.

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