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Who is an educated person?

Who is an educated person?

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Before we read further, stop and reflect what is our own perception of an educated person? Does it mean a person holding reputed degrees? Does it mean goods communication skills or leadership qualities? Or does it mean a person who has got knowledge of the purpose of life and his own being on the earth? Different educationists, educational thinkers, and great philosophers have had a perception of an educated man which is the outcome of education. But it varies a great deal.

In general, it can be said that a person is educated if he cares about valuable things involved and he makes an effort to achieve relevant standards. A person, who wants to become a C.A. with the only motto of making big money, cannot be called educated unless he has a respect for what he is doing in a meaningful manner. Any action done under hypnotism, or conditioning can not be educational for a simple reason that it is not permanent and it is not based on any in depth knowledge of the effect of those actions.

Traditional approach to education suggests that children may not be concerned about worth whileness of an activity in the beginning but do become so when they are given such activities. So gradually through external efforts, they can be converted into educated persons. But progressive approach to education suggests that educated person is one who is interested in and caring about worth whileness of an activity and it is important for the teacher to present worthwhile things to them child in a way that he gets attracted to them. It is very important to make education intrinsic to give opportunities to the children to learn by experience and make their own choices.

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